Meet CEO Areeb — Online Businesses to A Serial Business Tycoon

Anish Parmar
3 min readNov 18, 2020
Meet ‘CEO Areeb’ — Pictured in Stoke-in-Trent, United Kingdom.

If you’re going to talk about online businesses and hustling, you have to know the name of Areeb Akhtar. A young business owner possessing a chain of online businesses, 10 organizations at a such an age, sequential business individual Areeb Akhtar is one person that is positively heading for greater things and is one to pay special mind to in the United Kingdom’s cutting-edge online business industry.

Beginning at a very young age, Areeb first had gotten the “business bug” by understanding that Influencers overall were making a large sum of money every month just by means of web-based media. Quick forward to 2020 and Areeb has become an Influencer himself — with more than 80,000 following on the entirety of his online media accounts consolidated.

I additionally had the delight to talk with Areeb, this is what we talked about:

How many businesses do you currently own?

“I now currently own 10 businesses and don’t get me wrong I’m not stopping there! The first business I created was a graphic design agency which I used to do minor designs, that was named “ChiccGraphics.” From there, I scaled my graphic design agency and created various other businesses in various different niches. Here is a list of all the businesses I currently have ownership of;

Mob Girlzz, Build Businesses WA, Mob Jewellers, Mob Grillz, SA Jewellers, MBM Clothing, Damysus Co Printing, WNJ Care, Build NESW which will be something to look out for as it will dominate this industry. Also, Road to Millions, which is an online educational platform for entrepreneurs starting out with Amazon FBA.”

Do you have any advice to give to young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

“Yes, I do. Firstly, make sure your product is a must-have & not a “nice-have.” Furthermore, be sure that you bring value to your chosen industry as every product is viewed on value, not money. Additionally, be sure to always stay hungry and on top of your game. Know your market better then your competitors, be honest about your weaknesses and push your ego to one side. It’s okay to be wrong — your first business may not be a success, but at least you’re always learning and gaining more knowledge. Finally, I’d recommend you to justify every assumption you make about your business; as every choice you make is controlled by you and your ego. Set yourself up for success — don’t set yourself up for failure.”

Where do you see yourself in the future from now?

“In the future years, I see myself to be known as a worldwide figure in the “self-improvement” industry and enterprising space. In any case, I can’t foresee the future, and can just show it — yet knowing me, I’d state that my principle plan is to as of now keep on building my companies, build myself a lifestyle I never have to take a break from and last but not least form a legacy that will always be remembered.



Anish Parmar

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