Meet Kellza1 — Birmingham’s Best Kept Secret

Kellza1 pictured in her hometown, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

How did you first get into the music industry?

“I got involved in the music industry from a very very early age. I used to play the keyboard at church as part of the worship team in my teenage years for several years.

Who inspires your creative process?

“I’m inspired by numerous artists, all different in sounds and brands such as the likes of Lil Peep, Jay Critch, Playboi Carti, Pierre Bourne and many others. But my top inspirations are: XXXTentacion, Aaliyah, Chris Brown and Ciara!

What inspired you to create you first track?

“My first ever track I created was “Like You” which I released on my SoundCloud. I was inspired by Mostacks at the time, a UK rapper because he seemed different to a lot of the UK rappers at the time. He had character, and his sound was unique. “Like You” was catered to the UK audience, due to the music trending at the time. When I first created that track, I thought it was such a great track, but now I can really hear how my sound has diversified and altered due to experimenting with my vocals and the choice of beats I use. Nonetheless, the track gained a lot of interest at the time, and is currently at 9.4K streams to this current date.”

What obstacles did you face overcome when starting out as an musician?

“The obstacles I faced when I initially started out as an musician was the fact I had no connects, I had no direct links to anyone with influence or any strong friends in fact. I had no understanding of the music business at the time so when I released my first song I entered the game with no core knowledge on how to go about releasing, the marketing strategy behind it, the basic principles of what an musician has to manage. So at the start I was releasing a lot of songs with no marketing strategy, and hoping I would “blow” but then after time and further research I realized there was no such thing as “blowing up” but it was about having a strong marketing strategy and putting in investments to make it happen.”

What are your future goals? What are your plans for the future?

“My future goals are the following;



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Anish Parmar

Anish Parmar

Anish Parmar is an 20-year-old serial entrepreneur & marketer. Anish has been featured on various platforms such as Forbes, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! News, IMDb & more.