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Anish Parmar
5 min readAug 25, 2020

Taking digital businesses profits and personal brands to the next level!

Omar ‘OmarConnects’ Choudhury pictured in Paris.

From washing his neighbour’s cars starting aged 10, to being the “sweet seller” every high school had, entrepreneurship has ran in Omar Choudhury’s (OmarConnects) blood from the day he understood financial literacy. So, it’s no surprise that so far in 2020, he has already personally closed over $750K in sales online, aged just 20.

I caught up with him this week to delve down into his journey and see what he’s currently up to.

Where did he start?

Omar’s entrepreneurship journey started at a young age, where he realised you had to work for your money. Understanding he couldn’t get an official job until he turned 16, he took his initiative and sought for any line of work he could. He would wash cars in his local neighbourhood in the summer months, and shovel snow from people’s driveway in the winter months.
Aged 15 he realised a huge market was sat in front of his face every single day — school.
So he took £10 he had saved up and in 3 months managed to flip it into £450, selling sweets and drinks to his peers. This helped Omar develop his finance, accounting and networking skills. This is also how Omar got his first initial understanding of supply and demand — how a can of Coca Cola would only sell for 50p at Winter but up to £5 in Summer.

However, this all came down to a stop when the school finally heard of his business and shut it down, as well as suspending him for 3 days.

University Experience

But this didn’t stop Omar, so from age 16 to 18, he took every income source he could, sometimes missing school for them: Café work, door-to-door sales, cryptocurrency trading and work experience at investment firms, which led him to being accepted onto a prestigious Degree Apprenticeship at EY. This was a paid 3-year placement for Omar, where he would attend a paid University degree alongside working at a Big 4 firm, with over 270,000 workers across their 100 global offices. During this time he realised he needed to make a name for himself to stand out, so he networked with every office partner he could for opportunities, which managed to get him featured on Channel 5 News, invited to the House of Commons and BBC Bitesize all in his first year!
During his second year, he realised that 1 income source wasn’t going to get him the self-made millionaire status he aimed for by age 25, so he set up a mentorship business where he would help individuals with their CVs and interview practice. However, 2 months into it, Omar realised low ticket wasn’t for him, so he sought for a higher ticket line of secondary income.

Full time Digital Entrepreneur

So Omar went online and met some of his first digital role models, Gary Vee, Dan Lok and Jason Capital. He quickly learnt from these individuals how much money was involved in the digital entrepreneurship game, especially Instagram. So, he watched as much YouTube videos and courses as he could. His first venture was High Ticket Closing and after securing his first client the third message he ever sent out, he began making a name for himself and started to network with more successful young entrepreneurs. This is where Omar met his 2 current business partners Dre and Arthur, who run Grow With Us Agency. They helped Omar scale his personal brand on Instagram and in the next month Omar was able to close out a 6-figure contract for his High-Ticket Closing service. He also valued their service so much; he began to work with them as team mates. The first person he closed for Grow With Us was an 8-figure marketing CEO and when he told Dre and Arthur — they really couldn’t believe what kind of a beast they had brought into their agency.

3 months into starting his digital entrepreneurship journey, Omar realised the 9–5 life wasn’t for him, so he dropped out of University and his job — the best decision he’s ever made, despite having such a great University course — and then decided to go all in with Grow With Us Agency. As Omar helped transform more entrepreneurs and influencers brands, he became equal partners in the company and the 3 of them decided to take the agency from mediocre to the top-rated Instagram branding agency in the marketing industry, scaling it past 7 figures in less than a year.

Omar plays the role of COO and the Head of Sales, as he trains their sales team of over 120 amazing individuals, as well as dealing with their high-ticket 7 to 8+ figure clients.

What is his top tip for new entrepreneurs?

Omar stresses how important single vision work is, as most people get “shiny object syndrome” and try to move onto another income source without mastering the first. “You’ll hit the gold mine a lot quicker digging 1 hole at a time, not 8” he says.

He also gave me another top tip for new entrepreneurs, here’s what he said;

“Not being brought up with much money is 90% of the reason on why I strive so much. I do it to give my Mother the life she never thought she could have. The craziest thing is that she still doesn’t even know I dropped out of University, despite me paying her bills! However, retracting to my main point, you should focus on yourself and never underestimate how important investing into yourself is. But, don’t spend money recklessly, be money smart. I utilised interest-free overdrafts to help me with my first investments and I only spent about 10% of my wealth myself when starting out. I feel like a lot of other young digital entrepreneurs show off assets they really can’t afford, so ignore the materialism and learn how to be sensible with your finances. Finally, always remember to be ethical in what you do and always believe in yourself.”

What are your end goals for the rest of 2020?

“My goals for the rest of 2020 is to close $1–2m+ online across Grow With Us and High Ticket Closing, meet more like-minded entrepreneurs and really just see where the journey takes me. I also want to fly private, despite not even having a driving licence yet.”

If you’re looking to scale your profits or brand, feel free to Connect with Omar on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.



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