Meet Sharna Elisha — The Young Female Entrepreneur Dominating The Beauty Industry.

Anish Parmar
3 min readJun 7, 2020


Sharna Elisha, pictured in her hometown, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom — When Sharna Elisha was young, she never had the connections to build a boutique business that allowed her to have the freedom that she has. However, at the age of 17 that has all changed as Sharna now currently owns her own online boutique business and sells her beauty products worldwide.

I recently interviewed Sharna about her current journey to financial freedom and what’s personal difficulties she has overcome in her entrepreneurship journey, here’s what we spoke about:

How did Sharna’s Boutique Start?

I was 16 years old, when I became a female entrepreneur, I started Sharna’s Boutique on April 15th 2019. I haven’t always been confident in life but then I discovered my passion for makeup and thought how I could help & inspire others too. As a young female I understand makeup can be deceived as something negative, but my aim is to make others feel good when they enhance their natural features with my cosmetics, which I have done quite well with so far and will continue to do so. I started Sharna’s Boutique because not only do I have a passion for makeup but I’m super creative and love expressing it. Sharna’s Boutique is an online cosmetic shop for everyone to express their art, creativity and style through my cosmetic brand.”

When did you know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

“My plan wasn’t to become an entrepreneur but I always knew I had a purpose besides just working an “9 to 5”. I’m also very independent and I prefer to set my own rules so I became my own boss. It just happened and I never looked back since.”

What setbacks did you have when creating your own boutique?

“Not many people are aware of this but when I started Sharna’s Boutique, I had a business plan but I didn’t have a lot of money to my name except my own savings. This was my first of many setbacks for me. However, I knew I had to take risks to pursue my dreams and vision — as you have you take risks to see rewards.

However, I do have to admit that my hardest setback so far had my financial issue and my mentality issue. I wasn’t confident enough when starting out and wasn’t sure if others were going to purchase from me, I literally took a leap of faith and hoped for the best — and I’m glad to say that it all paid off.”

What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs looking to create their own business?


“Whatever you’d like to sell, go ahead and do it. Make sure to do your research because knowledge is power and don’t forget success doesn’t happen overnight so do not set your standards too high to start off with, this could lead to you feeling discouraged later on, but most importantly remember be passionate and motivated about your business — If you don’t have the passion, you won’t succeed. “

What motivates you? Who has been your greatest inspiration?

“What motivates me is knowing that every single day I wake up I’m one step closer to my goals in life and with my business.

My biggest inspiration is definitely myself as I believe that I’ve been through so much and I worked so hard to get where I am today, even though I’m not the top — yet. However, I definitely have to admit to myself that I’ve achieved some of the goals that I’ve set for myself and I hope that I will continue to do so. I also feel that I’ve sacrificed a lot for my business and knowing that allows me to strive for success every single day.”

Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

“In five years from now I see myself opening up a store in the UK where I can physically sell my cosmetic products and meet some of my customers in person. I also see myself running three or more businesses in different industries which I’m passionate in.”



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