What is Vitanic? — The Cocktail Taking Over The UK’s Beverage Industry.

Anish Parmar
3 min readJun 6, 2020


Vitanic. From celebrity endorsements to being featured in publications worldwide, here’s the story of an underdog brand revolutionizing the beverage industry.

Founded in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Vitanic is a non-alcoholic beverage company that has been making the headlines on social media with their prestigious sparkling cocktail named “Vitanic Grape”. The exquisite drink is totally alcohol-free and is vegan friendly, making it the perfect gateway for people to relish the taste and flavour of an exotic drink without the repercussions from the consumption of the contents of alcohol.

However, Vitanic’s journey was no easy feat. Starting purely from just an idea, Vitanic was built entirely from scratch. From business plan to powerhouse — Vitanic proves that start-up companies can easily dominate their industry if they put in the gritty hard work, take action and start getting serious with their business.

We recently sat down & interviewed the founder of Vitanic, Sarbjot Johal, here’s what he had to say:

How did Vitanic originally start?

“From my younger years I’ve always had an ambition to construct a product that would be revolutionary, whilst catering to consumer needs. Though once I had acknowledged a gap in the market, in the overly populated beverage industry. I had set my desires to construct a product like no other in the industry and that’s where the Vitanic journey initiated from, with the first product being the grape cocktail. Which in a short period of time has astonished the market as it is a pragmatic replacement for those individuals not wishing to consume alcohol. Cultivating off its elegant and luxurious endeavour Vitanic Grape has become the world’s first cocktail ever to contain vitamins including; B2, B3, B6 & B12.”

How does it feel seeing your brand grow into a household name whilst upcoming in the industry as an underdog?

“Being as passionate as I am in my brand and product, I am truly overwhelmed by the immediate positive response from consumers. As this goes to show with hard work and dedication, whilst remaining morally grounded in life even the impossible can become possible. Now for Vitanic this is only the beginning of a long-lasting journey, as we seek to launch new product ranges in the upcoming months and years adding to our current product list which has been known to be a market sensation.”

Finally, where do you see Vitanic in 5 years from now?

“My desired ambition is for Vitanic to be the go-to drink for those individuals seeking to find a replacement for alcoholic beverages. As I strongly aspire to support and to steer away as many individuals from the alcoholic drink and its contents of recreational drugs with the Vitanic brand and its product range.

I’m a believer of Waheguru, I started the journey with him and am still just following his guidance. We’ll see where he takes us.”



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